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Книга Центурий (Настродамуса)
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Книга "Центурии"
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23 reoneefloab  
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22 Deneceexpipsy  
If you feel sad for buring it in your heart, then just smile and let it go.

21 payopsopemerb  
<p>The Vatican voices the opinion that washing machines have been the driving force and the source of emancipation for woman. Yet millions of women in Eastern and Asian countries live under male domination. They are little more than chattels belonging to their husbands. This includes countries such as<br /><br />? Afghanistan, <br />? Saudi Arabia, <br />? Indonesia, <br />? India,<br />? Malaysia, <br />? China<br />? Egypt, <br />? Pakistan,<br />? The Moslem countries of the Middle East,<br />? Many African nations and<br />? Even tropical islands such as Vanuatu. <br /><br />Millions of women live being denied access to education, consigned to the house, all freedom of expression strictly curtailed, dress codes rigidly enforced, the liberty to speak freely with men not allowed and a general disapproval of women being found in any position of authority.<br /><br />However, in the not too distant past, girls were not encouraged to gain a higher education, even in Western society. After all girls were only going to loll around and maybe work for a few years, before getting married and were forced to stay at home to care for the family. Why bother wasting a university education on them?<br /><br />What then has brought about the dramatic change where many feel women in the Western world have become liberated? Was it really the washing machine, as the Vatican recently said, that made the difference? <br />Equal opportunity for women has freed many women, allowing them to take a major role in Western society. This was brought about through:<br /><br />?Germaine Greer and ‘the burn the bra’ movement<br />?The pill and the availability of safe abortions <br />?Anti discrimination laws both in the work place and in education <br />?Child minding and day care facilities, backed by the government, have allowed mums to continue as working-mums</p> <p>The anonymity and world-wide reach of the Internet and Cyber Space has been another major contributing factor. Women can now work from home, but if they choose, then can be sexless and nameless.<br /><br />However, the pendulum may have swung too far, with many antifeminist supporters stating the feminist movement is seeking a higher status for women than for men. Serious conventional academics like Carolyn Graglia and Allan Carlson insists that the alteration to women's role, from being firstly mothers, to self-classified professionals, has brought about a social disaster that continues to take its toll on the family.<br /><br />Some believe there is now anti-male discrimination in the areas of reproductive rights, child custody, alimony and property division, particularly in messy divorce settlements. Antifeminists are swift to point out the increase in divorce and the breakdown of family relationships, as being caused by the influence of the feminist movement.<br /><br />Still there are feminists who say, "I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers and feel myself in the protection of his arms than have all the citations and awards and honors I have received worldwide, including the Ribbon of Legion of Honor and my property and my bank accounts. They mean nothing to me. And I am only one among the millions of sad women like myself".<br /><br />Other women happily promote the role of the business woman, women as leader models, as well encouraging women into competitive environments, in spite of the fact that women sometimes receive ‘special treatment’ in the nature of a lower level of physical requirements in some professions, such as rescue services and the military.<br /><br />In the end though, it is going to be neither the male domination, nor the feminist, nor anti feminist movements, that make a difference to families in the generations to come, but the legalization of same sex marriages. The world is changing dramatically for both men and women.</p>

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A blonde, brunette, and redhead are talking about their daughters. The redhead says, " I was going through my daughters drawers, and I found a bottle of beer. I can't believe my daughter drinks."
Then the brunette says, " well I was cleaning my daughters room, and I found a pack of cigarettes. I can't believe my daughter smokes."
Then the blonde says, " I was making my daughters bed, and I found a condom. I can't believe my daughter has a penis.

18 isossebleab  
A boy go to school after 8, dat is he is already late. Head master and the boy have coversation.
HM: why are you late? Boy: my father delayed me sir.
HM: What is the name of your father? Boy: mad.
HM:Surpriseha what of your mother? Boy: stupid. HM: i mean their real name? Boy: i dont knw another with them exept that. HM: ok go to your class. Boy: 10q sir. Head master now went to go and find out, he now see that any time the father want to talk to their children he wil said 'go to your stupid mother' and any time mother want to talk to them she wil said 'go to your mad father'

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